Chicago Cubs

Company Provides Cubs Fans With Perfect Opening Day Excuse Letter

Got tickets to the Chicago Cubs’ home opener on Monday night and are worried that you won’t be able to get out of work to attend the proceedings? Fear not Cubs fans, because one company has you covered with a perfect excuse letter.

That company is StubHub, who is better known for their ability to get fans tickets to tough-to-see games than for their willingness to help those fans skip out of work.

In order to provide help to the fans wanting to do that (and the company cites studies that suggest that nearly one-quarter of all Americans have skipped work or school to attend a baseball game), the company provided those fans with a form letter to send to their bosses or teachers.

Here is an excerpt from the letter, which can be downloaded on StubHub’s website (along with excuse letters for all other MLB teams):

“Please excuse ____ from any obligations today including, but not limited to, school, work, picking the kids up from school, etc.

“They need to work from home (plate) today as their support is needed at Cubs Opening Day on April 10th, 2017.”

According to a survey released by StubHub, 24 percent of Americans say that they would make up an excuse to skip work or school to attend Opening Day, with 25 percent of those respondents saying that they would be honest with their employers or teachers about their plans.  

Monday’s Opening Day festivities at Wrigley Field are more than just a day at the ballpark, however. The Cubs will unveil a championship banner for the first time ever at the Friendly Confines as the team celebrates their 2016 World Series championship. 

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