Chicago Cubs

Cubs Own Brewers With Absurdly Perfect Tweet

The Chicago Cubs and Milwaukee Brewers have a long-running war of tweets, and the Cubs struck an incredible blow in the fight Thursday night.

During the team’s game at Wrigley Field, a fan complained that Cubs supporters cheer loudly when fly balls are hit in the ballpark, and the Cubs came up with a well-reasoned response:

According to a crack team of fact-checkers, fans at all major league parks indeed murmur and then cheer when a ball is hit into the air, no matter the distance.

A short time later, the Brewers agreed with the fan, and that’s when the Cubs struck with the fury of a thousand Javier Baez bat flips:

“You need to have fans in your park in order for them to cheer,” the Cubs said.

It’s a good thing there is a firehouse just outside of Wrigley Field, because the Brewers were absolutely scorched in this exchange.

For the record, there were 37,197 fans who got to enjoy the Cubs beat the Brewers 1-0 Thursday, snapping an eight-game Milwaukee winning streak. 

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