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Cardinals Look to Capitalize on Cubs’ World Series Title

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It’s no surprise to see businesses in Chicago trying to capitalize on the Cubs’ World Series championship, but a certain rival baseball team is also trying to cash in on the Cubs’ success.

That team is the St. Louis Cardinals, who have unveiled a new ticket package designed to pack their ballpark for five games against the Cubs during the 2017 season.

Using the tag-line “Cubs, Cubs, and more Cubs,” the Cardinals are selling the five-game ticket pack on their website beginning on Dec. 2, and the package features games from all three of the Cubs’ trips down to Busch Stadium.

The tickets will be available for the Cubs/Cardinals games on Apr. 4 and 5, May 14, and Sept. 25 and 28, according to the Cardinals’ website.

The Cubs also feature prominently in several other five-game packs, which are being sold as Christmas gift ideas by the Cardinals. The “Ring Pack” will feature commemorative rings honoring several Cardinals championships, and the Cubs are also featured in a “Friday Pack,” with fans receiving sweet items commemorating the 1967 World Series title.

A “Rivalry Pack” will give Cardinals fans the chance to see games against not only the Cubs but against the Red Sox, Giants, Mets, and Royals at Busch Stadium next season.

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