Counterfeit Cubs Tickets Seized: 5 Ways to Avoid Buying Fake Merchandise

The Better Business Bureau said scammers are targeting Cubs fans to capitalize on the excitement surrounding the Cubs’ success in the playoffs.

"Whenever there's excitement about a special event, like the Cubs post-season appearance, there are counterfeiters who want to take advantage of the opportunity in an illegal way," Steve J. Bernas, president and CEO of the Better Business Bureau serving Chicago and Northern Illinois, said.

In an effort to help consumers avoid being scammed, the Better Business Bureau offers these five pointers.

1. If the deal is looks too good to be true, it probably is.

 “One-time good deals should be red flags to anyone anxious for a ticket,” the BBB said in a statement. “Illegal ticket sellers know excitement about the event too often gets in the way of common sense and smart buying.”
2. Only buy game tickets and merchandise from reputable ticket brokers and retailers.
If consumers have questions, the BBB recommends they check online reports at and read the company’s Consumer Reviews. Also, the BBB advises consumers to check the status of the brokers and retailers to see if they are BBB accredited.
3. When buying Cubs clothing and gear, consumers should look for the official hologram and license from the sports league.
The holograms and licenses, “are very difficult to fake and an excellent indication of a licensed product,” the BBB said in a statement.
4. If you buy merchandise online, only buy from licensed sites.
The BBB urges consumers to look for broken English in product descriptions. “This could indicate an overseas company, and these companies are among the principal culprits in producing counterfeit goods,” the BBB said in a statement.
5. When paying for your Cub’s gear, use a credit card if possible.
According to the BBB, paying with a credit card allows you the flexibility to appeal to credit card company and dispute erroneous charges.
"Cubs fans have waited many years for a post-season opportunity," Bernas said. "We don't want their excitement to be spoiled by losing money with fake tickets or poor merchandise."
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