Cheering For The White Sox: Chicago's Last Chance

In a minute or ten, the Chicao White Sox will face the Tampa Bay Rays in Game 2 of their thrilling, emotional series of baseball games. The Rays won the first game last night, flashing the sorts of things that made them the AL's best team for so much of the 2008 regular season -- good pitching, good defense, and a young offense with nary an easy out.

You know all that. If you're a Cubs fan, maybe you don't know it as acutely as you could -- you're probably still wallowing in last night's pain. But you at least have some inkling of what's going on, right?

Good. Because now's the time we Cubs fans have been waiting for: the time to root for a winning baseball team.

If the White Sox win tonight, they have a chance. The Cubs do not. I don't know about you, but I love Chicago during baseball season -- there's nowhere else in the world I'd rather be from May-October -- and, frankly, I'm not ready for that to end yet. I'm not ready to lose all hope on the season quite yet.

Sure, I'll still watch every minute of the playoffs even if both teams are gone, but the electricity in this city will be gone with them. It'll be time for winter, for football, and for the Bulls, and really, none of that sounds too exciting. Especially the winter part.

So yeah, you know, I'll be rooting for the White Sox tonight. Maybe just a little bit.

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