The Friendly and Very Expensive Confines

Cubs take title of MLB's priciest tickets

So what does it cost to witness 102 years of baseball futility?  More than any other team.

That's right Cubs fans, your team hasn't won a World Series since 1908, but to see the 2010 edition will set you back $52.56 per seat at beautiful Wrigley Field, according to Team Market Report's annual Fan Cost Index. (And no, the price of admission doesn't guarantee a win.)

TMR, a Wilmette company, each year releases a price index that measures everything from parking to concessions to ticket costs and this year the North Siders top the list.

The average ticket in MLB costs $26.79, up just slightly from a year ago.

The report shows that the Cubbies had the second highest price increase -- up 10.1 percent for 2010.

An family of four can expect to spend a bundle. Figure in hot dogs ($4.25 each), beer ($6.25 each), sodas ($3.75 each), parking ($25.00) and a couple of baseball caps ($20 each), and taking the tribe out Wrigley Field will set you back a cool $329.74.  Don't leave home without that credit card.

Things aren't so bad on the other side of town.

White Sox fans can nab tickets to U.S. Cellular Field for $38.65 on average and  family of four should expect to spend $249.60.

Just a reminder, neither team made the playoffs last season.

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