Caleb Hanie Wants Jay Cutler's Job

At least he can joke about it, right?

Barring some sort of injury (we were thinking of writing the word "tragedy" there, but let's not get too carried away over Bears football, eh?) Bears backup quarterback Caleb Hanie will not be taking many snaps as the Bears quarterback this season. Jay Cutler is more talented in nearly every way. That's not to say Hanie's bad, or even that he can't hack in the hyper-relative world of professional football quarterbacking, where everyone is actually really, really good. It's just that Hanie is not as good as Jay Cutler, and everyone knows this.

Which is why the following video is funny. For Hanie's sake, at least he's got a good sense of humor: 

Caleb Hanie thinks Jay Cutler Sucks

Unfortunately, we didn't get an answer to the camera wielders' final question, which is whether Hanie ever partied with Kyle Orton. Shame. Now those would have been some stories.

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