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Why the Bull's Draft Picks Were at Least Satisfactory



    Why the Bull's Draft Picks Were at Least Satisfactory

    Smart Moves: Why the Bull's draft picks were satisfactory at the very least.

    - Gar Forman said he didn't expect Marquette swingman Jimmy Butler to be available at the 30th pick. So when the Bulls had their chance, Gar knew without hesitation that he was their guy. Nikola Mirotic is also thought to be a good pickup at number 23, ranked as the 5th best small forward available in this year's draft according to Chad Ford of ESPN. Some believed that the young Serbian could have been a lottery pick if it hadn't been for his contract issues.  (Chicago Sun-Times) (ESPN Insider)

    Competitive Programs/ Intelligent Players
    - While Chicago's picks may come across as low risk, low reward moves,the front office stayed true to its old form or drafting good players from competitive programs. Bleacher Report's Mark Skiba sees these players as fitting the mold of recent draft picks like Kirk Hinrich and Ben Gordon who left winning programs with a lot of heart and an understanding of the game (although Gordon's understanding was questionable). Marquette might not be an elite program like UConn and Kansas, but it is definitely an established team in a powerhouse conference. Mirotic's Real Madrid Spanish team is another established team, owning the second the most championships in their league's history.  (Bleacher Report)   
    A Team Player
    - One of the most promising character traits about Jimmy Butler is his willingness to work hard to fit into the Bull's existing team culture. In a Chicago media conference call and interview, Butler expressed his desire to both play the shooting guard position and improve his outside shooting to help spread the floor for the rest of the team. GM Gar Forman expects Butler to play small forward, but his defensive versatility excites the NBA's Co-Executive of the Year, who says Butler has the potential to cover four positions. (CSN Chicago)

    - Surely, Bulls head coach Tom Thibodeau will enjoy Butler's grit and work ethic. "I'm going to take what he (Thibodeau) has to say and put it in effect, no questions asked," Butler said. "Whatever he wants me to do, whatever any of my teammates want me to do, that's what I'll do. I want to be that guy who is coachable and will listen."   (Chicago Tribune)
    Promising Future
    - The Bulls accomplished three important things with the 2011 draft. They got potential immediate help depth-wise and defensively with Jimmy Butler. They got a future contributor in Mirotic, who needs to add bulk but will likely develop in Spain's ACB, often regarded as the best professional league outside of the NBA. The Bulls aren't exactly sure when they'll bring Mirotic over to the U.S., but it will likely coincide with the expiration of the contracts of Carlos Boozer and Luol Deng.  (CSN Chicago)  

    Calling Out D-Wade and LeBron
    - Lastly (and apparently still trendy), Jimmy Butler said in a radio interview with Chicago's Gamenight on ESPN 1000, the first round pick said he would be ready to challenge both Dwayne Wade and LeBron James of the Miami Heat come playoff time next year. "They just need somebody to go out there and guard," Butler said. "I'm telling you, I'm going to make [Dwayne Wade] and [LeBron James] work for every dribble, for every shot, for every step they take. I'm gonna try to make it my hardest on them."  (ESPN Chicago)