Brian Urlacher Opens Up

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Pro Bowl linebacker Brian Urlacher is the latest Bear to jump on the social media train, and he spent time answering questions a random array of questions in a video posted to his his Facebook page.

How random? Well, have you ever wondered what Urlacher would do if he got his hands on a time machine.

"I would definitely go back in time. I'd go to the 1800s where I could be a cowboy."

If your brain just conjured an image of Urlacher on a horse while roping a calf, you're not alone. He also opened up on some football subjects, including his favorite hit. Urlacher is not a fan of many of the new rules that govern hits, so one of his favorite football memories comes from his rookie year.

"My rookie year, we were playing the Colts at Soldier Field. E.G. Green didn't see me coming, and he was running full-speed one way, and I was running full-speed the other. This was before they had all the fines and all the rules against hitting people. When we actually played football. It was cool."

Urlacher's speed, size and body type make him the prototypical linebacker. He knows this, and has no interest in jumping to the other side of the ball.

"Our offensive line is fine. I can't block or catch, and I'd be a bad tight end because all I'd want to do is catch the ball. No blocking for me."

However, he said did not tune into the biggest win in Bears history because he was too young. Geez, Brian. I'm a year younger and still can remember the game.

He also respects his coaches enough to know that he can't do their job.

"I could never be a college coach. I have all the respect in the world for them because they work 80 hours a week during the season and then spend all of the off-season recruiting. Same thing with NFL. Our coaches work 90 hour weeks. I don't want to do that. Maybe high school or pee-wee."

After doing a cameo on HBO's "Entourage," he also knows that acting is not the job for him, but he had a fun time on the set.

"Those guys were so cool, and it was cool to go in and see how they do it. They didn't make me feel awkward, because I'm not a very good actor. I'm not good at that stuff, but they told me I did a good job." 

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