Brett Favre Needs Your Attention

Former Packers QB and current Jets QB just can't decide whether or not to hang up his cleats.

Have you ever gone out to a restaurant with a friend, co-worker, or a loved one and had to deal with their inability to make a decision?  Do they want the hamburger, or the Caesar salad?  On one hand, they haven't eaten all day so they could really use the more filling meal with the burger, but at the same time they've been putting on weight lately and should start eating healthier, so maybe the salad is the best way to go.

Meanwhile, you figured out 15 minutes before that you just want a soup and a BLT sandwich, but you can't order until the great debate between hamburger and salad is over.   It's annoying, isn't it?   How can one person make such a simple decision so incredibly difficult?  It's one of the questions that has plagued mankind for centuries, and we'll probably never receive the answer in our lifetime, but what we do know is that we should never go out for lunch with Brett Favre.

In case you haven't noticed, it's January again, and you know what that means.   Yes, it's time for the "Will He or Won't He Tango" starring Brett Fav-ruh.   After forcing the Packers to send him to the Jets last season -- the Packers probably would have given the Jets money to take him just so they wouldn't have to deal with this act again -- Favre spent the year in New York.   Things started out well with the Jets, but the team struggled pretty badly over the final five weeks, and missed the playoffs.  This was followed by Jets running back -- and former Chicago Bear -- Thomas Jones going on a New York radio station and basically blaming Favre for the team missing the playoffs.   Then there were the anonymous accusations that Favre was withdrawn from the team all season, and that he didn't really care to get to know his teammates.

Of course, all that was quickly swept under the rug and people started to turn their attention to other things, and Brett just won't have that.  So despite the fact that he has a hurting shoulder, and a bunch of teammates that don't like him, Brett felt the need to come out and say that he's going to need more time before deciding whether or not to retire.

"I have the ability to turn it off just like that,'' Favre said. "I don't feel I have anything else to prove. Do I have to redeem myself for the last five games? No. I could be trying to do that until I'm 60 years old. There is nothing left out there for me from that standpoint. I'm disappointed with the last five games, sure, but I know I did everything I could have.'

"I'm an emotional guy, and I'm sure people are tired of seeing me get emotional,'' he said. "People would probably say, 'Oh, here he goes again.' I think it would just be better for me to just thank the Jets, and I sincerely mean that. It was well worth what I invested. But I'm going to just quietly step away if that's what happens.''

Yes, that's right, the man that takes 8 months to make a decision just said he can turn it off "just like that."   Then turn it off already, Brett.  Don't force sports fans to have to deal with another five months of this.   If the decision is really that tough for you, just flip a coin and get it over with. 

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