Marshall: “Jay Will Be Back” Next Season

The Bears' receiver emphatically guaranteed Cutler's return to the team on Monday

While speculation over the future of Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler has been rampant all season long, there is one player who has unequivocally supported Cutler’s continued stay in the Windy City.

That player is Brandon Marshall, and he made his case again during exit interviews at Halas Hall on Monday as players cleaned out their lockers:

"Jay will be back. Jay will be back. So all these stories for the offseason, you guys can put that at the bottom," he said. 

To be more specific, Marshall feels that the Bears’ offense under Marc Trestman is set up for Cutler to be successful in it, and he feels that with more time, Cutler could become even better within that system.

Here are more of his comments:

“It’s set up for [Jay] to be more successful. Now the steps that he’s taken this year, and leadership, and even growing as a quarterback, mentally and physically, we saw those things but it was kind of cut short with injury. So next year I think if we pick up where we left off, we’ll be okay.”

As Adam Hoge correctly pointed out in his piece about Marshall’s guarantee, the receiver was right about Cutler coming back early from his groin injury, so perhaps he’ll be right about this as well.

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