Brad Childress Still Loves Brett Favre, And The Saga Rolls On

Naturally, it's the media's fault

It's not easy being Brad Childress. After all, you really want to sign Brett Favre -- let's be honest, you're head over heels, Madden-level, in love with the man -- but you have to pretend you only kind of care about what Brett Favre decides to do.

Ah, but you can't push too hard in the other direction, either. You can't make Favre feel unwanted. That would be tragic.

So you're forced to walk the middle line, the one where you sort of act like you don't know what's going on and you're just doing your due dilligence in making sure Favre is an option you've exhausted to make your ball club better and blah blah blah, we just take things one game at a time. This is right about the part where you call in to a radio station in Minnesota and lament the media's innaccurate sourcing conventions. Ready? Go:

"I don't know how you guys in that industry go about your sourcing," Childress told the radio station. "A source said that a source said. I don't know. It's questionable. Very questionable."

Almost as questionable as Brett Favre's arm! Zing! Naturally, Childress blames the media for the giant clusterf--k of a situation he's created when, in reality, all he had to do was call a couple of NFL reporters and give them the story. But of course he doesn't want to do that. He has to make clear there was no deadline for Favre's return, and that he wants to see what's "left in that can." He has to walk the line. He's like Johnny Cash, and Brett Favre is his June Carter, only scruffier and more manipulative.

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