Will Boldin and Bears Match Mean True Love?

Super Bowl receiver could make a difference for the Bears

There is not much doubt that the Bears need to bolster their receiving corps. The player with the most catches was not a receiver, but running back Matt Forte. Behind him was tight end Greg Olsen, and then Devin Hester, who had difficulties splitting time between his receiving and kick returning duties. One of the many, many needs that needs to be addressed by the Bears front office is giving whoever ends up being the quarterback a good target. Could that perfect receiver be Anquan Boldin, who is currently busy getting ready for the Super Bowl on Sunday?

It's no wonder that Bears' fans doodle hearts around Boldin's name. Boldin has outperformed the Bears for the past few seasons. This season, he has had 89 catches for 1038 yards in 12 games. He's the kind of player who isn't afraid to put himself on the line for a catch. Early this season, he was part of one of the scarier scenes of the NFL season when he was knocked out in the end zone by two defenders who had sandwiched him. He is also passionate, a quality loved by Bears fans. Sometimes this gets him in trouble, like when he has a feud with his coach in a playoff game, but all-consuming passion is not something that was seen nearly enough in the navy and orange this season.

With his mind focused squarely on Sunday's game, Boldin will only admit that he is flattered by the attention of Bears fans.

"I think that it just speaks to how you play the game, and real fans appreciate what you do on the field," Boldin said. "That is always flattering. But as far as thinking about next year or the future, it doesn't help me right now. My only goal is to win the Super Bowl."

Unfortunately, Bears fans' crush on Boldin may go unrequited, as the Cardinals have showed their willingness to keep the wide receiver. Star WR Larry Fitzgerald has even offered to take a pay cut to keep Boldin around. Hopefully, the Bears can throw around enough money to actually keep their fans unhappy.

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