Blackhawks Player Knows Every Single Fergie Lyric

Now there is a headline I thought I'd never write.

Alas, it's true: Kris Versteeg, right wing player for the Blackhawks, is a formidable presence on the ice, but he's even more formidable in front of Mouthpiece Sports' microphones. And apparently, he's quite the Fergie fan:

As Puck Daddy's Greg Wyshynski sagely notes, that's not actually Fergie being sung. That's the Ludacris part of the song, the entire verse of which goes like this:

I'm talking Champagne wishes, caviar dreams
You deserve nothing but all the finer things
Now this whole world has no clue what to do with us
I've got enough money in the bank for the two of us
Plus I gotta keep enough lettuce to support your shoe fetish
Lifestyles so rich and famous
Robin Leach will get jealous
Half a million for the stones
Taking trips from here to Rome
So if you ain't got no money take your broke a-- home

Replay the video if you please: Versteeg nailed it. As for the Blackhawks themselves, the verdict is still out on their rapping ability. Their hockey ability was on full display last night, as they won 6-2 in a dominating, all-ice performance over the Colorado Avalanche. So there you have it. The Blackhawks are good at both hockey and at reciting lyrics from really annoying year-old Top 40 radio hits. Who knew?

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