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Tab for Hawks Rally, Parade = $200,000



    Tab for Hawks Rally, Parade = $200,000

    True to Mayor Richard Daley's promise, taxpayer money wasn't needed to pay for last week's massive Blackhawks celebration.

    The big parade and rally, with its stages, security barriers, jumbo-sized monitors, confetti cannons and security personnel, cost the city about $200,000 to pull off.

    But the $210,000 coughed up by four corporate sponsors -- Commonwealth Edison, Bud Light, the Chicago Board Options Exchange and Harris Bank -- will cover the bill.

    The goal was not to charge the Blackhawks because this was a party for them," said Special Events Director Megan McDonald, according to the Chicago Sun-Times. "That would have been like having a surprise party for your best friend and making her pick up the bar bill."