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Ladies to Kane: It Ain't the Eye We Like

Deep pockets, not brawl-like injuries, more likely to make ladies swoon



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    Patrick Kane thinks the chicks "dig" his latest battle wound. Or so he’s mentioned three times to various media outlets in the past 24 hours

    The Blackhawks star says he likes the bruise -- he got it when he tripped in a game against Tampa Bay on Sunday and the butte end of his stick popped him in the eye -- and is even hoping for a scar. Why? The chicks "dig" it, obviously.

    We found it cute the first time Kane mentioned the added attention as a result of his gashed eyeball. Humorous that he was still thinking about it later that day when he mentioned it again. But in this case, the third time is not so charming.

    At 21, of course the only thing on Kane’s mind is the ladies, but is it really the Left Eye Lopes thing that they’re digging?

    Kane's Black Eye: "Hopefully the Chicks Love It"

    [CHI] Kane's Black Eye: "Hopefully the Chicks Love It"
    Patrick Kane came away from Sunday's game against the Tampa Bay Lightning with a black eye.
    (Published Tuesday, Dec. 15, 2009)

    More likely it’s that lucrative contract Kane signed just weeks ago, earning him $31.5 million over the next five years.

    It's not that Kane isn’t capable of attracting females, it’s just that looking like you got pounded in a bar fight last weekend doesn’t top the lists of aphrodisiacs for many self-respecting ladies... last time we checked.

    Nor does a hot pink cast (see: Brian Urlacher), but that’s another story.  

    The point is simple. Kane, stop putting the vibe out there, you already know where the chicks that will be digging that scar are hiding.
    They’ll be on the dance floor at Enclave Saturday night, and yes, they will compliment you on that shiner. Have fun. Enjoy the night. And know that many of those chicks also "dig" taking the goalie out of the net, especially when deep pockets are involved.