Blackhawks Debut New “I Am” Spots to Celebrate Team’s Fans

The ads star popular players like Patrick Sharp, Corey Crawford

Getty Images

Through the years, the Chicago Blackhawks have come out with some particularly memorable advertisements to entice fans to come see the club at the United Center. 

One of the earliest entries was this set of ads starring actor Jeremy Piven, as well as several Blackhawks players including Hall of Famer Chris Chelios: 

Once the new regime took over and started airing home games on television, this ad starring current Hawks like Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane, as well as now-gone players like James Wisniewski, Martin Havlat, and Robert Lang, aired: 


After the Red Rising campaign, the Blackhawks landed on their "One Goal" slogan, one that they kept through five seasons and two Stanley Cups: 

Finally, the Hawks debuted their new "I Am" ads, and here are those five ads: 

Corey Crawford: 

Patrick Sharp: 

Jonathan Toews: 



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