Ben Gordon Shows Us How Much He Respects Vinny Del Negro

Guard cusses out his coach in front of media

It's been a pretty interesting couple of days for the Chicago Bulls.   First general manager John Paxson came out on Wednesday and took the blame for everything that has been going wrong with the Bulls this season, even going as far as admitting they're "just not very good right now."   Still, one of the things that was most telling about what Paxson said on Wednesday was that while he was pretty open and honest about his performance and his players' performance, he didn't have anything to say about head coach Vinny Del Negro.

So today it was Del Negro's turn to face the media, and Slick Vinny didn't hesitate to let the media know that while he understands they have columns to write and dead air to fill, he doesn't care what any of them think about his performance as coach.  He even told them to go and ask any of his players about whether or not they respect him as head coach.   Well, while nobody asked Ben Gordon about his respect for Vinny, they didn't have to.  Gordon made it pretty obvious how he feels to anybody inside the Berto Center today.

Minutes after coach Vinny Del Negro told the media to ask his players if they respect him, Ben Gordon was seen by reporters confronting Del Negro and using expletives toward the coach.

Gordon was upset at being fined for breaking a team rule. Gordon said the incident was a non-issue and Del Negro declined to comment through a team spokesman.

Nothing says "I respect you, coach" like cussing him out in front of the media.  Maybe later Joakim Noah can kick Del Negro in the groin or Luol Deng can de-pants him.   Heck, why not both?  Luol pulls down his pants and then Joakim kicks him.  It'll be the first time the Bulls worked together as a team all season!  Vinny is getting his message across after all.

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