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How to Watch: U.S. Men's, Women's Curling Teams Kick Off Olympic Tournaments Wednesday

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Curling has only been an Olympic sport since 1998, but it has quickly become one of the most popular sports in the program, and the men’s and women’s tournaments are set to kick off this week.

Team USA is hoping for a better result in the women’s tournament after finishing in fifth place in PyeongChang, but they’re hoping for a repeat on the men’s side, as they are the reigning gold medalists in the event.

On the men’s side of the draw, Team Shuster faced elimination early on after losses to Japan and Norway, but wins over South Korea and Switzerland helped propel them to the medal round, where they beat Canada and Sweden to capture the gold medal.

Skip John Shuster is back for the United States in Beijing, as are Matt Hamilton and John Landsteiner. Chris Plys has slotted into the rotation as well, with the team hoping to pull off an incredible repeat in the event.

In the women’s draw, the U.S. team finished in a tie for fifth place with a 4-5 record, one win out of a potential medal round spot.

Sweden ended up defeating South Korea for the gold medal in the event, with Japan taking the bronze.

Team USA’s curling captain John Shuster talks about the feeling he got while carrying the US flag during the opening ceremony of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics

The American squad, comprised of skip Tabitha Peterson, along with Nina Roth, Becca Hamilton and Tara Peterson, will start out their tournament on Wednesday night when they face the ROC. Early Thursday they will take on Denmark in their second round-robin match, and will face the host China on Friday morning.

Here are the upcoming schedules for the men’s and women’s teams, along with other curling action that you can catch on and Peacock.

For access to livestreams, or more information, you can click on either of the names in the above paragraph.

Wednesday –

6:05 a.m.: USA vs. ROC (, Peacock)

Thursday –

12:05 a.m.: USA vs. Sweden (, Peacock)

7:05 p.m.: USA vs. Great Britain (, Peacock)

Thursday’s slate of action for the U.S. will see Team Shuster take on Sweden in a rematch of the 2018 gold medal match in PyeongChang.  

The actor, known for his role in “Rocky III,” could not contain his excitement for USA Curling at the Olympics. “I am pumped!,” he tweeted. “The U.S.A. Curling team is back!” NBCLX’s Ngozi Ekeledo and Fernando Hurtado cover this and what they learned about how speed skating stadiums work in “3 Things We Learned.”

Wednesday –

7:05 p.m. USA vs. ROC (CNBC,, Peacock)

Thursday –

6:05 a.m. USA vs. Denmark (, Peacock)

Friday –

12:05 a.m. – USA vs. China (, Peacock)

Here are the other matches on the men’s side of the draw that you can catch on Peacock and on in the coming days:

Wednesday –

6:05 a.m.:

Denmark vs. Canada

Norway vs. Switzerland

China vs. Sweden

Thursday –

12:05 a.m.:

Norway vs. Canada

China vs. ROC

Great Britain vs. Italy

7:05 p.m.:

Switzerland vs. ROC

Sweden vs. Italy

Denmark vs. China

Curling is like rolling cans of paint, the length of basketball court across ice as thick as a steak

Here are the other matches on the women’s side of the draw that you can catch on Peacock and on

Wednesday –

7:05 p.m.

Great Britain vs. Switzerland

Denmark vs. China

Sweden vs. Japan

Thursday –

6:05 a.m.

Canada vs. Republic of Korea

Sweden vs. Great Britain

China vs. Switzerland

Friday –

12:05 a.m.

Canada vs. Japan

Switzerland vs. ROC

Republic of Korea vs. Great Britain

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