Elana Meyers Taylor Superstitiously Keeps Price Tag on Team USA Jacket

Here's why Elana Meyers Taylor still has the price tag on her Winter Olympics jacket.

Elana Meyers Taylor

Elana Meyers Taylor is a four-time Olympic bobsled medalist and the oldest U.S. woman to win a medal at the Winter Olympics, but the sensational Olympian is also superstitious.

During the first-ever monobob race, where she notched silver, Meyers Taylor was seen with a price tag still on her Team USA jacket.

While she seemed to genuinely forget to take it off, it seems the tag is here to stay after it was confirmed that after a press officer tried to remove it but Meyers Taylor wouldn't let them.

Hopefully the the tag brings home another medal for the United States.

Members of Team USA elected Meyers Taylor as their flag bearer for Sunday's closing ceremony. She will be the first athlete selected as the U.S. flag bearer for both the Winter Olympics' opening and closing ceremonies since 1948.

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