Game Photos: Bears vs. Lions

The Bears' undefeated streak was halted by a Lions victory.

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The Chicago Bears saw their first loss Sunday after a heated game against the Detroit Lions.
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The key to the Lions' victory was a strong offense, led by quarterback Matthew Stafford (left).
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One unexpected twist was Lions running back Reggie Bush. He gave his best performance of 2013, with 139 rushing yards and one touchdown. The Bears' defense probably wasn't expecting that.
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A weakened Bears offense also gave the Lions' defense the upper hand. Brandon Marshall (left), as an example, didn't see much yardage and didn't score any touchdowns. Cutler's three interceptions probably didn't help either.
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However, this is not to say the Bears' performance was poor overall. Lance Briggs (right) and the rest of Chicago's defense put up a fight against the Lions' unexpectedly great offensive performance.
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The Bears' offense was also able to pick things back up near the end when the Lions grew complacent with their lead.
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Unfortunately for Bears fans, it wasn't enough. The Lions were simply too far ahead.
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With a final score of 40-32, we're reminded that no team can stay undefeated forever.
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