Bears React to Sam Hurd Arrest

If the federal drug charges against Sam Hurd prove true, then he had everyone in the NFL and the Bears organization fooled.

Since joining the team, the wide receiver was described by teammates as a nice guy and a team player. In his interviews, he repeatedly praised God.

Coach Lovie Smith
"I'm in shock over it. I never saw it coming. My dealing with Sam here .... has all been good. He's a guy that showed up every day ready to go to work."

Johnny Knox
"He had a great character. The guy was always down-to-Earth, always laughing and made jokes with us all. I was surprised just as you all are."

Lance Briggs
"Nice guy. Well-liked. Well-liked in the locker room."

Brian Urlacher
"Good teammate. That's what I know of him. He comes to work every day and works hard. And outside of here, I don't know him very well but he comes to work every day and practices hard and plays hard.

Roy Williams
"It's a choice that he made and there's consequences with the choices that you make."

Dave Toub, Special Teams Coordinator
"He's been a four phase starter for us, solid. He's been my PPM punt team. He's captain of our punt team, so it's going to take a little bit to replace him. We're all shocked, and that's really all we want to talk about. I mean, that's all we want to say. We're all in a state of shock right now."

The Bears insist that nothing in their background checks of Hurd suggested any criminal activity.

"I don't think there's anything criminal out there with him that anyone would know, but just like I think I know most of you, but you don't really know what people do once you're not with them," said Coach Lovie Smith.

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