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LIVE: Bears vs. Falcons



    LIVE: Bears vs. Falcons
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    The QBs: Matt Ryan and Jay Cutler both have all the throws. Ryan has better weapons. The Bears will have to limit Ryan's time in the pocket in order to come out ahead in this game. Advantage: Ryan.

    Last year, the Bears lost to the Falcons in a stunning week six collapse.

    After going ahead late in the fourth quarter, the Bears first flubbed a squib kick then flubbed their pass coverage, giving up a long ball and setting up a Jason Elam field goal to win the game.

    It was only the third time since 1970 that a team had taken the lead inside the final 15 seconds and loss.

    Lovie Smith says none of that matters now.

    ''I have a short memory,'' he said. ''Atlanta this year is enough to keep us occupied. Not really thinking a whole lot about what happened last year. We're in pretty good shape right now. A matchup of two good teams. Again, no more than that.''

    And the matchup is indeed good.

    Matt Ryan and Jay Cutler are both gunslingers, but consensus says the advantage belongs to Cutler -- if only he can stop overthrowing his receivers.

    Meanwhile Ryan's been sacked only six times. The Bears will need to get him out of his comfort zone with a strong pass rush.

    If Atlanta's biggest strength is Ryan, their biggest weakness is their run defense -- they've been allowing 127 rushing yards per game. Forte may be only averaging 3.8 yards per carry, but the Bears'll likely look to establish the run threat early on.

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