Bears Bites: What Will the Team Do With Marquess Wilson?

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In this edition of Bears Bites, we take a look at what the team is planning to do with wide receiver Marquess Wilson, what Robbie Gould has to say about the upcoming season and his philanthropic work, and examine the question of which Bears quarterback was the best in team history.

-We start out with what the Bears are going to do with Wilson, who is still recovering from a fractured clavicle he sustained during training camp. The team could feasibly put him on injured reserve with the designation to return, meaning that he would miss eight games, but it’s unclear if they want him to miss half the season. [ESPN Chicago]

-What would Robbie Gould do if he could plan a perfect day in the city of Chicago? He answered that question and a lot more for Lucy Kaplan over the weekend. [Chicago Bears Huddle]

-Even though they weren’t playing against the top-tier talent of the Cleveland Browns’ defense, wide receiver Santonio Holmes showed enough pizzazz and skill on Thursday to warrant inclusion on the Bears’ roster, writes Matt Clapp. [Da Bear Necessities]

-The Bears’ defense is going into Sunday’s game against the Buffalo Bills not only trying to win their first contest of the season, but also to make a big statement about the state of their defense. [Daily Herald]

-After a couple of bad preseason games, fans have plenty of reasons to be skeptical of the Bears’ defense, but the team is confident they’ll bounce back. [Chicago Sun-Times]

-Who is the best quarterback in Bears history? Is it Jay Cutler? Or Jim McMahon? It’s neither, according to one intrepid columnist. [Chicago Tribune]

-Finally, the St. Louis Rams have opted not to include defensive end Michael Sam on their practice squad, but could the reigning SEC Player of the Year find himself a job somewhere else? [Shutdown Corner]

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