Bear Bites: A Hard Habit to Break

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Good morning and welcome to Bear Bites, your rundown of Chicago Bears news. Read on for the latest on how Bears fans just can't give up their team, what football players do when their playing days are over, and what Jay Cutler's fiancee has to say about her man.

  • No matter what is happening on the field or how much tickets cost, demand for Bears season tickets is high. They are a hard habit to break. It's OK if you sang that last sentence. (Chicago Sun-Times)
  • When football is over, some Bears have a hard time adjusting to life without the game. Most find it's time to start a second career. See what former Bears Dez Clark, Jason McKie and others are up to now they they're not putting on the pads. (Chicago Tribune)
  • The Bears will return to a very different Halas Hall in August than they left in January. The longtime Bears facility is getting a major facelift. (Chicago Sun-Times)
  • Several Bears cornerbacks will become free agents next season. To make sure they're deep enough, the team signed LeQuan Lewis. (ESPN Chicago)
  • Jay Cutler's fiance is protective of her man. Kristin Cavalleri talked about how it's tough to sit back and read about what is written about him. (Chicago Tribune)
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