Basanez Spills Beans on Grossman's Future

New Bears quarterback seemingly slips up during interview

The Chicago Bears have made no secret that they're attempting to clean up their quarterback position, what with Jerry Angelo saying he's going to "address" the position this off-season. What does that mean? The other day, it meant that the Bears signed former Northwestern grad Brett Basanez, a nice little backup type with a limited ceiling but a nice skill set.

It likely also means they'll look to sign someone else. Who will that be? Will it even happen? As of today, Basanez makes it seem that the battle will be between Basanez, starter Kyle Orton, and backup Caleb Haney:

Interesting, right? If the Bears staff has told Basanez that the competition is between the three quarterbacks he mentioned, the glaring omission is very obviously Rex Grossman. It makes sense that the Bears would rid themselves of Grossman -- they're not going to re-sign him, you know? -- but it's funny that we'd find it in such a conspicuous way. Oh, Brett. Robert Gibbs, you are not.

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