Clay Matthews Should Back Off Matt Forte

Haven't you done enough, Clay Matthews? Is it not enough to beat up the Bears on the field, but you have to try to steal our stars, too?

With running back Matt Forte still in contract negotiations and Minnesota's Percy Harvin grumbling about his situation with the Vikings, Green Bay's Matthews wrote a rather hospitable tweet:

Hey @Percy_Harvin, @MattForte22... Got a spare room w/ a bunkbed if interested?? #roomies

Hey Clay? BACK OFF.

You've already been tough enough on Chicago. In six games against the Bears, you have 20 tackles, two sacks, an interception and a forced fumble. You've won the last four times you've faced the Bears, including in a playoff game.

And now you want to steal away the Bears' best offensive weapon? On behalf of Bears fans everywhere, I say again, back off.

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