As a Dad, Jay Cutler's ‘The Best'

Camden Jack Cutler was born in early August 2012

Jay Cutler became a father at the beginning of the 2012 season when he and fiancee Kristin Cavalleri had Camden Jack Cutler.

Six months in, Cavalleri told Access Hollywood that Cutler is a really good dad.

"He's the best. From day one, he changes diapers, he's very hands-on and incredibly involved. I honestly couldn't ask for a better dad," Cavalleri said. "It's the cutest thing. There's nothing sexier than seeing your guy with your baby."

Cam is mostly sleeping through the night now, but the two will trade off in getting up in the middle of the night to bring the little guy his pacifier. But Cutler didn't get up in the middle of the night before games. Whether home or away, the Bears always spend the night before games in a hotel.

"When you have a new baby at home, you can't worry about that, you have to focus on the game," she said.

Cutler also was involved in coming up with Cam's formula after Kristin stopped breastfeeding. He came up with a "goat's milk concoction" for Cam to drink.

Go ahead and say, "AWWWWW." You know you want to.

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