Arrest Warrant Issued on Former Bull

Jason Caffey allegedly owes thousands of child support.

At one point in his life, Jason Caffey seemed to have perfect timing. He was fortunate enough to enter the NBA draft, and be selected by the Bulls, at the time when Chicago was at its apex. He won two rings with the Bulls in 1996 and 1997, averaging 7.3 points per game. After the '97 season, Caffey was traded to the Toronto Raptors, and his career, and life took a turn for the worst. That bad stretch came to a head today when an Atlanta judge issued an arrest warrant for Caffey who is accused of failing to pay thousands of dollars in child support.

Caffey was hardly a marquee player for the Bulls, but like every member of those unstoppable teams, he was still well-known to fans, mostly as a mild-mannered player. That's what we thought, anyway. Then, the news came out that Caffey had ten kids with eight mothers, and was sued for assaulting a male stripper. Hardly mild-mannered, it appeared. His NBA career fell apart, with the Milwaukee Bucks buying out the final two years of his contract, and Caffey not wearing another NBA uniform.

This latest sad chapter in Caffey's life was started when a bankruptcy judged denied his chapter eleven filing. According to a lawyer representing one of Caffey's children's mothers, they have been trying to get his attention, and the arrest warrant will do that.

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