Adam Burish Plays Peacemaker For Once

Spends his off day as a security guard on Jerry Springer Show

Blackhawks right winger Adam Burish has only worn the indian head sweater for 97 games in his hockey career -- 81 of which came last season -- but that hasn't stopped him from quickly becoming a cult hero amongst Hawks fans.   He isn't loved for his ability to put the biscuit in the basket, though, as in those 97 games he's only managed to score four goals.   Adam isn't exactly a playmaker either, as he only has four assists to go along with those four goals for a whopping eight points.

So why is he adored so?  It's pretty simple, really, he just enjoys fighting.   Don't believe me?  Here's your proof.  It's what he does, it's who he is, and it's why Hawks fans love him.   Of course, just because he's an enforcer, that doesn't mean that Adam doesn't like to keep the peace off the ice.

Burish writes a blog for the Chicago Sun-Times website, and in his latest entry he tells us about his day as a bouncer on the Jerry Springer Show.

"It was my job to be on stage and break up the fights. For those of you that watch the show and wonder if the fights are real, I can promise you that they are. I had to do some real work to break up some of those. However, it was nice to be on the other side for once and not have to worry about somebody trying to punch me in the face, or trying to punch somebody else in the face!"

Still, breaking up a fight between two shirtless guys with mullets is one thing, doing it during a fight between two women is another story entirely.

"I did gain some respect for the refs in our games, and realized how hard it is to break up a fight. I will tell you though the hardest fights to break up were not the guys but the girls. Not only did I try and be careful where I put my hands while separating them, but what are you supposed to do when the girls start pulling each others hair? I have to admit I was a bit lost when that happened.

"Two girls started slapping each other as hard as they could and when I got in the middle to break it up they each grabbed a hold of each other's hair. So I did what made sense, grabbed their hands and tried to pull their hands off the others hair. However, when I finally pulled one of the girl's hands away she didn't let go and pulled the others wig right off her head and then threw it into the crowd. I felt a little responsible for that one!"

See, in hockey they wear helmets so hair pulling is rather difficult to pull off, which is why they just pull the other guy's sweater over his head.  That and it makes him look stupid, and it's always nice to make a guy look stupid while your delivering haymakers to his dome (though I suppose you can argue punching a guy wearing a helmet in the head doesn't make you look very smart yourself).

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