A Comfy Jay Cutler Emerges

It's been four years since the Bears pulled off a trade to bring Jay Cutler to Chicago. Since then, Cutler has led the league in sacks and interceptions, brought the team to the playoffs for the first time since 2006, and suffered an injury that debilitated the whole squad.

During every up and down, he never appeared comfortable here.

But now, he has the receiver he wants. He has the quarterbacks coach he wants. He has plays that make sense for his skills, and an offensive coordinator who isn't known for his inflexibility. He has a baby on the way, and even has a weekly radio show.

Life is good for Jay Cutler.

"It's kind of surprising to see where we're at and how well the guys have picked it up," Cutler said at the onset of the team's mandatory minicamp. "It's a testament to how hard they have worked. There are a lot of fun guys. It's a good group. It's the best receiver group I've worked with. A lot of guys on this team like coming to work and like football so that makes my job a lot easier."

There is no doubt the pressure is on for Cutler, but this isn't the demeanor or the words of a man who is under the gun. This Cutler is relaxed, which can't be a bad thing for the field general.

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