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Chicago Baseball

Will Cubs, WGN Radio Split Change "Go, Cubs, Go"?

Team announces the end of a 90-year partnership with WGN Radio



    The Cubs leave WGN radio after 90-years, and sign a new deal with CBS. Christian Farr reports (Published Thursday, June 5, 2014)

    The end of an era for the Chicago Cubs could signal a change to the song that every North Side baseball fan knows and loves.

    The team announced Thursday the end of a 90-year partnership with WGN Radio and a multi-year deal with WBBM.

    That's a bit of a curveball for the Cubs' victory song, "Go, Cubs, Go." The song's lyrics include: "Baseball time is here again / You can catch it all on WGN."

    It's unclear whether there will be a re-write of the song, or if a new song will be created.

    WGN tried to re-negotiate the Cubs contract, claiming they were losing money because of falling ratings and losing seasons. In the end, WGN Radio president Jimmy de Castro said it didn't make sense, business-wise, to stick with AM radio.

    "It's not that we don't love the Cubs," de Castro told MLB.com. "It's that it just doesn't make business sense on an AM radio station given today's new media opportunities and ways for advertisers to buy the Cubs."

    The Cubs might also look to part ways with WGN-TV after this season as well, having opted out of that deal after last season.