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White Sox Wigging Out for Manny's Locks

White Sox marketers are hoping to help fans emulate their new star



    White Sox Wigging Out for Manny's Locks
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    On July 21, 2008 Manny Ramirez missed a fly ball so badly he ended up somersaulting in the outfield. He qupped that the misplay would land him on "Bloopers for Life."

    The White Sox may have just acquired veteran slugger Manny Ramirez from the LA Dodgers, but just because the slugger cleared waivers doesn't mean the Sox are done doing business with L.A.  

    Marketing reps from the Sox have reached out to the Dodgers to see about buying any remaining stock of Manny Ramirez wigs, TMZ reports. 

    Ramirez sports naughty dreads, and fans get a kick out of donning wigs that resemble his flowing locks.

    Once a hot seller in the Dodgers' gift shop, they figure now that Manny's a South Sider, the Dodgers don't have use for  their remaining stock.

    Guess this means Manny won't have to adhere to the club's strict grooming regulations.