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White Sox Get the Cold Shower

No hot water after loss to the Indians



    Gordon Beckham's put in an awkward position when the Sox lose hot water in their showers. (Published Thursday, April 8, 2010)

    As legend goes, George Halas would make sure the visitors' bench and showers had no heat for Bears games at Wrigley Field.

    But this week the White Sox opened the 2010 season at home with COLD showers. Not bad when the temps were around 80 degrees on Monday -- but Wednesday's 40 degree chill was almost FREEZING.

    "I don't know what happened?" said Manager Ozzie Guillen, before repeating in his charmingly flummoxed manner: "What happened?"

    "If you don't win I guess you get the cold showers," laughed Mark Teahan.

    While the heat malfunction was restored before Wednesday's chill, there were other funny happenings this week at the Cell.

    Like the baby diaper hanging in pitcher John Danks locker.

    "Don't. »÷&$ the bed!" Mark Buerhle yelled from the locker next door -- an obvious reminder to Danks, who pitches Friday, not to screw up.

    And if those laughs weren't enough, second baseman Gordon Beckham had a good one when asked this about the weather: "what happens tonight when your Georgia peaches start to freeze?"

    Um, next question?