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Two Tickets to Paradise Would Be Easier



    Two Tickets to Paradise Would Be Easier

    For those who are intrigued by the oncoming Ryder Cup and have thought about making the trek out there, be warned: Either your kids are going to need a scholarship to college in order for you to afford it or save the gas and watch on NBC. Because these tickets are going for silly prices now.

    Right now, on the secondary market, a three-day pass to the competition is going for an average of $908. Yeah, that much. That is more than re-sold tickets were going for for the 2010 NFC Championship Game at Soldier Field. The only thing to exceed that price in Chicago in recent memory is Game 5 of the Stanley Cup Final in 2010 between the Hawks and Flyers. That price is still more than Games 1 and 2 of that series went for, though.

    For a simple one day pass, you won't have to sell any body parts but you'd still have to have a talk with your spouse. The average one-day pass is $293.

    Compared to other golf tournaments and events, only the Masters outweighs the Ryder Cup. A four-day pass at Augusta will run you $2,986. However, that is inflated by how limited those tickets are and how hard they are to find in the primary market to begin with. The price for this weekend dwarfs the cost of a four-day pass to the recent US Open in San Francisco by a full $400

    If you want to get in to see some live golf though, you're better off trying to get in for the practice rounds the next two days. Those have been going for $30 for Wednesday's and $99 for Thursday's dress rehearsal.