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Top 5 Fantasy Football Bears

You're loyal. You also want to win. So here's how.



    Top 5 Fantasy Football Bears
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    Will Johnny Knox be a Super Bowl receiver?

    This time of the year, Bears fans may feel conflicted. It's fantasy football draft time, and it can be tough to remain loyal to the team while also trying to win your league. If you play your draft order right, you can still draft a Bear or two without tanking your season.

    Unfortunately, not one Bear is a fantasy star. No Bears are in ESPN's Top 40 draft rankings, and you shouldn't waste a first or second round draft pick on a Bear. It may hurt your navy and orange pride, but if the Vikings' Adrian Peterson is on the board, take him.

    That said, as your draft goes on, take a look at these players.

    1. The wideouts -- Jay Cutler likes to let the ball go, and Devin Hester and Johnny Knox have the speed to handle the passes. Will they be overthrown? Yes, but when they do make a catches, they will be spectacular, and will score a ton of points for your team.

    2. Matt Forte -- The running back is the highest ranked Bear on the ESPN projections. He was just shy of a 1,000-yard season last year, and that was with nagging injuries. This season, he is healthy and, as he showed in the game against the Raiders, he is ready to run. The one warning is that though Forte is the starting running back, the newly acquired Chester Taylor is likely to take a fair share of snaps, which will cut down on Forte's productions.

    3. Greg Olsen -- As one of Jay Cutler's favorite targets, Olsen is a high-producing tight end. He caught 60 passes for 612 yards last season, but the more telling statistic is that his production on offense has been on a steady increase for past three seasons. Under Mike Martz's passing heavy offense, it should continue to grow.

    4. Defense --
    The ESPN projections place the Bears near the middle of the pack, but considering the off-season acquisitions, that seems low. Julius Peppers and Tommie Harris will anchor a front four that's stronger than it's been in years.

    5. Robbie Gould -- If Gould is on the board when it's time for you to take a kicker, take him. Over the past five seasons, he's been the most consistent Bear. He makes more than 85 percent of the field goals he kicks, and can usually knock it in if it's any distance shorter than 53 yards. Also, considering that the Bears have huge red zone problems, Gould is called upon often. That may not equal wins for the Bears, but it could be the few extra points that pushes your FF team ahead.

    Buyer beware: Jay Cutler -- Leading the league in interceptions last season was bad enough, but with Cutler playing in Martz's high-flying offense, the pick-offs will continue. He's too big of a risk to take with a position that needs to produce for your team. You're better off taking someone who might not make the spectacular passes because they also won't bring the spectacular interceptions.