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The Bears' Loss in Ten Tweets



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    Like a shame-faced viewer squirming through a Cialis commercial, the Bears could barely stand on their own this weekend.

    The 45-10 loss to the Bengals at Paul Brown Stadium was so bad -- four interceptions, wretched running game, a pantywaisted O-line -- that Bears fans, barely able to watch the game, turned online to tweet their displeasure.

    The outcry was so pronounced that the Bears, apparently for the first time this season, became a top trending topic on twitter.

    Below, the tale of the tape, as told by ten of the most entertaining tweets we tracked throughout the night.

    Not a good start.

    Great thing about this game: At least 1h 30 min of Ochocinco silence at a time.

    How come when Benson played for us he ran slower than a drunk turtle?

    Bears are now ONLY losing by 28 points. A field goal just at the end of the half. Yep. That'll shift momentum. *koff* #bearsfail

    Are these refs retarded? That spot was ******* horrible. Maybe they just feel sorry for the #Bears. They need all the help they can get.

    Cover 2? How about cover someone?!

    The correlation between Chicago #Bears suckage and liquor drank is very strong at this household

    If I have a coronary and die right now, please be sure the #Bears are charged with manslaughter. Involuntary or otherwise.

    Is it a victory if we hold them to a field goal?

    The Bears as an organization seem to be functionally retarded.