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The Dumb*** Seen 'Round the World



    The Dumb*** Seen 'Round the World
    This guy will forever live as a example of douchebaggery.


    Yo dudebro. You with the devious grin and the white shades dangling like hipster truck nutz from your t-shirt.

    You're a punk. Whatever your name is. And the whole world knows it.

    The unidentified miscreant at Wrigley who tossed a beer on Phillies' left fielder Shane Victorino -- and then got away! -- is being roundlyvillifiedin the media today as Cubs' security works with the Chicago PD to catch the kid.

    A few of the choice words:


    "Bleacher bum"

    "A F#%^ing &^%*()(*"

    The evisceration's all over Twitter, too, with users posting links to photos and calling for the kid's head. "This is the fan at the #Cubs game who dumped the beer," wrote dagarton. "He should never be allowed in again." 

    dat_cubfan_dave writes "So have they found the Wrigley beer tosser yet? Judging by the looks of the guy, he's sure to have a few enemies who'll rat him out."

    If you know who the little villian is, holler at NBC.

    In the meantime, like the stadium sign says, respect Wrigley.