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Ten Things You Don't Know About Tom Ricketts



    Ten Things You Don't Know About Tom Ricketts
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    New Club: MLB and a bankruptcy judge approved the sale of the Chicago Cubs to rich guy Tom Ricketts.

    In every relationship, there's a getting-to-know-you period. This is that period.

    So learn about Tom Ricketts. Understand the man. Then hold him to his promise of fixing those troughs in the bathrooms.

    10. He lived on the corner of Addison & Sheffield for a year in 1989.

    9. His favorite Cub is Andre Dawson.  "When he was here he just awesome.  A great gentleman who played on some really average teams... I'm still mad at Eric Show as a matter of fact!"

    8. His favorite memory at a Cub game was meeting his future wife (Cecilia) in center field.

    7. Considered himself a bleacher bum in the '80's!  Left or Center Field, never Right Field.

    6. Did he ever take part in the bleacher chant, "right field @#$%!"?  Well he doesn't recall any specific instance, but, "I'm sure it happened!"

    5. Loved to have fun with opposing players, especially Roger McDowell of the Mets.  "He would spray people with the hose when the Mets were in town!"

    4. Never owned a Cubs jersey, more of a t-shirt guy.

    3. No he has not named any of his five kids or pets after any cub players or anything Cub (i.e. "Wrigley" "Sheffield" "Addison")

    2. The first Major League baseball player he met was John Kruk.  "I was living across the street here above the SPORTS CORNER bar and a buddy called and said, “you gotta come downstairs, so I ran downstairs and he was playing pool with John Kruk."

    1. The first thing he will change about Wrigley Field?  The bathrooms!