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Super Bowl 50

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Ten Things We Learned at the Super Bowl Media Day

All the vital info you need on the Patriots and Giants from Super Bowl Media Day



    Ten Things We Learned at the Super Bowl Media Day
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    Quarterback Eli Manning of the New York Giants answers question from the media during Media Day ahead of Super Bowl XLVI.

    Super Bowl Media Day: Players stand in front of microphones and answer questions, so it’s our duty to provide you, the NFL consumer, with a formal breakdown of every germane piece of information. Here we go.

    1. Gronk will play. You already knew that Pats TE Rob Gronkowski was going to play in this game, but he noted today that he no longer needs a walking boot to support his gimpy leg. Gronkowski also said that he’s “feeling better,” but athletes always tell you that they feel great. It’s worth noting here that Gronk failed to catch a pass in the AFC title game after injuring that ankle, and that the Pats are notoriously unreliable when it comes to injury information. So Gronk will play, but don’t be surprised if Aaron Hernandez gets more passes thrown his way.

    2. Osi Umenyiora doesn’t care about people with stomach flu. Pats lineman Matt Light skipped media day due to a bug, which prompted some light-hearted jabbing from the Giants’ DE. Look for the media to elevate this into a full-on feud by 4 p.m. today. Also, given that it’s only Tuesday, I wouldn’t expect Light to be suffering once gametime hits.

    3. Eli isn’t here to be better than Peyton. Most of the questions Eli Manning got today were regarding his stature in relation to his brother:

    "This is not about a competition with my brother,” he said. “The Super Bowl is bigger than bragging rights.”

    I kind of believe him, too. I tend to think he’s got more important things on his mind than showing up Peyton. Also, Peyton’s neck is ruined, so it’s bad form to taunt a sibling when he’s he down.

    4. PFT’s Michael David Smith actually saw someone scalping Media Day ticketsAnd now you know why they continue staging Media Day.

    5. Tiquan Underwood is rocking a 50% Kid ‘N’ Play fade.See for yourself. Best hair since Randy Moss’ afro puffs.

    6. Eli is a “Modern Family” fan. He must not be caught up on Season 3. Because personally, I find it’s been a bit lacking.

    7. Entertainment Tonight is a bastion of bias and slanted journalism. ET’s Maria Menounos openly rocked a Pats jersey. Have we lost all semblance of objective journalism in this country? Now I’ll never know if this woman is being genuine when she says nice things about Emma Stone.

    8. Here’s a dude from Nickelodeon dressed in a silly costume.

    9. Bill Belichick is being cheerful. A little TOO cheerful. The Pats head coach seems to be enjoying this Super Bowl week more than most. He even let Wes Welker openly mock him. Allow me to speculate that he’s being nice because he's planning to retire after this thing. Then again, he turned away Artie Lange, so maybe he’s still content to be ol’ surly Belichick.

    10. 2010 Tom Brady was also there. I don’t think any Pats fan misses this haircut.