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Tearful "Answer" to Questions of Return

Iverson breaks down while talking about his second chance in Philadelphia



    Bittersweet Return: A.I. Cries at Press Conference

    Allen Iverson let his emotions show as he talked about Sixers fans, his past mistakes and what coming back to Philadelphia really means to him. (Published Thursday, Dec. 3, 2009)

    A tearful and remorseful Allen Iverson is happy to be back with the Philadelphia 76ers.

    "When I had the opportunity to come back here...I couldn't turn it down," a choked up Iverson said during a 45-minute press conference. "I'm just happy."

    Iverson officially returned to the franchise where he was an MVP, calling the opportunity a "no brainer" -- especially because of the fans.

    "The relationships that I have with these [Philly] fans, are like no other, I think, in sports," No. 3 said. "A love for them and they love me and it's evident."

    He's ready to prove he can still play, he said at the Wachovia Center on Thursday. The 10-time All-Star guard signed a non-guaranteed deal with the 76ers on Wednesday.

    The 34-year-old Iverson was teary almost from the start of his news conference. He says he retired after his ill fated stint with Memphis because he felt like “the basketball part of my life was over.”

    "With the mistakes that I made in my life, you know, I created a picture that's not me," he said. "I did a lot of things when I was young that I'm not proud of, but I think I know those things helped me be the man that I am now."

    But, alas he reminded everyone that he “was born to be a basketball player.”

    "The last couple of years has been hell because, you know, all I wanna do is play basketball," he said.

    So, he’s back.

    Iverson will play his first game for the 76ers against Denver on Monday.