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John Scheyer Sucks at Pranks

NCAA champ gives friend's cell number to fans



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    Jon Scheyer sucks at pranking.

    Jon Scheyer sucks at pranking.

    Oh sure, he might be a great Duke basketball player, but he didn't stop to think his latest online practical joke through.

    A few hours after Duke won the NCAA title Monday, Jon Scheyer decided to invite his Twitter followers to join him in celebrating, reports the Chicago Tribune.

    "Hollerrrrr at me!!!" he posted via Twitter, followed by a phone number.

    Of course, thousands of fans called and sent text messages to the provided number.

    Only it wasn't Scheyer's number.

    It was Zach Kelly's, an old high school teammate of Scheyer's. The Duke player posted his friend's number as a joke.

    But it seems that Scheyer didn't realize just how well the prank would work. Not long after he posted the number, he Tweeted again, "Ok my fault... Holler at me over twitter... Stop texting that number pleaseeee"

    Seriously, what did he think was going to happen? He has nearly 7,000 followers and told them all to "holler" at him at that phone number.

    And then, when they do exactly what he tells them to, he asks them to stop?

    Jon Scheyer obviously doesn't understand how a prank works.

    Go back to your high tops, Scheyer, and leave the high jinks to the rest of us.

    Matt Bartosik is a Chicago native and a social media sovereign.