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Ryder Cup Swag Tent Spans Size of Football Field

80,000 Ryder Cup hats to be sold by the end of the weekend



    Ryder Cup Swag Tent Spans Size of Football Field

    The Ryder Cup traditionally is as much about spectacle and spectator apparel as it is about golf.

    The 40,000 fans who poured through Medinah Country Club's gates Friday came dressed to impress with the help of an on-site apparel tent that's almost the size of a football field.

    The 45,000-square-foot space includes 45 vendors and 50 registers expecting to sell 80,000 hats by the end of the weekend. Thousands of people already visited the tent during practice rounds and even more will walk through over the weekend.

    Bob Jeffrey, the PGA's director of sales, said the best time to buy your swag is while the matches are on the course. The tent is most packed during lunch and breaks.

    What's up for sale? Towels, pullovers, polos, pin flags, hats, chairs, photos and much more.

    A "red out" is planned Sunday for supporters of the U.S. team. Fans are encouraged to wear red or buy red from the store.

    So who's it going to be: America or Europe?

    "Of course I'm gonna have to go America, but it's going to be close," Jeffrey said. "The European team is really good, but America by a point."