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Remember When Carlos Marmol Was Good?



    Remember When Carlos Marmol Was Good?
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    CHICAGO, IL- JUNE 1: Carlos Marmol #49 of the Chicago Cubs stands on the mound after giving up a grand slam. (Photo by Brian Kersey/Getty Images)

    Fare thee well, Carlos Marmol. The Cubs pitcher who caused more indigestion than a combo sandwich has been designated for assignment after some rough games in the past two years in Chicago. Do you remember when he was actually good? 

    Like many closers, he started out as a relief pitcher, and turned in a scoreless inning and save the first time he was asked to come in during the ninth inning. When Kerry Wood's blisters became an issue in 2007, he found more opportunities to close. He even earned a spot in the All-Star game.

    When Marmol was good, he was amazing. His pitches would scream by hitters. In 2010, he saved half of the games he was in. By 2011, he led the league in blown saves. His control had left him, never to return.

    This season, Marmol only saved two games he appeared in. He has a record of 2-4. A closer has to be a player the team can rely on, but the Cubs couldn't rely on Marmol. He hasn't proved himself worthy of a roster spot. The Cubs are going to pay dearly to get rid of him, but it's worth it.

    Good luck, Carlos Marmol. May you find your control wherever you land. You may bring great memories to the next round of baseball fans. On the other hand, you may cause them to reach for the Tums.