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Quenneville is Stashtastic!

Coach Joel Quenneville's 'stache is the most talked about since Da coach



    The Blackhawks are enjoying a resurgence. And thanks to Coach Joel Quenneville, the 'stache is back too! (Published Wednesday, May 26, 2010)

    The Blackhawks are enjoying a resurgence.  And thanks to Coach Joel Quenneville, the 'stache is back too!

    "Oh I don't care about that!" Quenneville laughed while wiping his stache and laughing.  "I've had this a long time."

    Nick Burns, author of The Bearded Gentleman:  The Style Guide to Shaving Face and TheBeardedGentleman.com says facial hair above the lip is making a comeback.

    "Yes, it's stashtastic!  It really is a sign of power and masculinity unrivaled," said Burns.

    That explains why so many Chicago coaches have sported mustaches in the City of Broad Shoulders.  Before Quenneville there was Mike Keenan and Dirk Graham -- coach and captain of the 1992 Stanley Cup Runners-up in Chicago.  The Bulls Phil Jackson sported a full bushy lip.  But none compare to Da Coach, Mike Ditka

    Quenneville's, though, is coming close.

    "That is a man not to be messed with," Burns laughed when shown a picture of the Blackhawks coach.  "It's powerful.  This is a serious mustache."

    To be exact, Coach Quenneville sports a form of the military mustache, called the "cop stache," like Tom Selleck or Burt Reynolds.

    Burns' book even gives tips on how to grow, trim and care for your mustache.  Be it a "cop stache," a Rollie Fingers-like "handlebar" or a Mike Holmgren-like "walrus".  

    While Quenneville is amused at the attention his 'stache is getting, he agrees with one thing:  once a mustached man, always a mustached man.

    "I've had it a long time, since 19 or 20," Quenneville said.  And if he brings a championship back to Chicago in the form of the Stanley Cup, he and Ditka might make it into the Mustache Hall of Fame.

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