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QBs to Bears: Show Me the Money

Rejected by three quarterbacks, the Bears need a backup option



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    With Hanie out with a shoulder sprain, the Bears need a backup option.

    With back-up quarterback Caleb Hanieout with a sprained shoulder sustained in Saturday's pre-season loss the the Chargers, the Bears are in need of an understudy to Jay Cutler. There's one problem: not many quarterbacks are lining up for that role.

    The Bears first went to Trent Green, the QB whose injury allowed Kurt Warner to emerge and win a Super Bowl with the Rams. Though retired, Green is familiar with Bears offensive coordinator Mike Martz and his scheme.  Unfortunately, Green had no interest in leaving retirement.

    Damon Huard and Todd Collins also turned the Bears down. They were reportedly not offered signing bonuses, and they aren't interested in being training camp bodies without guaranteed money. Who can blame them?

    It's a seller's market. Depending on how severe Hanie's injury is, the Bears are the ones with the need. Rookie Dan LeFevour showed Saturday night that's he just not ready for primetime, and though Cutler hasn't missed a game since become a starting QB, injuries happen.

    Not only that, Cutler and LeFevour cannot be expected to take every snap in training camp and daily practices. (Camp in Bourbonnais breaks on Friday.) They need help. It's time for Jerry Angelo to bust out the navy and orange wallet, and pay a QB what he is worth.