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Preseason Is No Time to Panic, Say Bears

Jay Cutler says the offense tried too hard to be perfect in 3rd preseason game



    Preseason Is No Time to Panic, Say Bears
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    Jay Cutler isn't pressing the panic button...yet

    Press the panic Button?  The Bears want you to press the "Easy" button instead, as in "take it easy, it's preseason!"

    After getting shutout by Arizona in the 3rd preseason game Saturday, Jay Cutler says the team put too much pressure on themselves.

    "Guys are thinking a lot, they don't want to make mistakes, they want to be perfect," Cutler said Tuesday. What, you don't think Billy Elliott was out of sync in his first dress rehearsal?

    Cutler explained, "this was our last dress rehearsal and we had to put on a good performance, the guys were a little bit tense."  But Bears offensive coordinator Mike Martz says the mistakes weren't busted plays, like players running the wrong routes. 

    "We're not as cleaned up as we want to be but we'll get there," Martz said.
    Martz's genius comes in making adjustments to the defense they're playing, and the Bear are still installing plays and aren't exactly game planning.

    "It's just minor things," Martz said. "Not getting the depth, cutting too soon, maybe missing if its single high or middle field open... once we get into the regular season we really refine our gameplans. Know exactly what defenses we're going to get, know exactly what calls we're going to get on third and short, third and long, inthe red zone."

    The Bears believe after looking at the game tape they actually played better than originally thought, even without making adjustments and checking down.

    "in the passing game Chris (Williams) did a nice job, Lance (Louis) was a standout," Martz said. "I wish I could show you tape of Lance on Dockett, he did a terrific job of handling him."

    Martz is also pleased with the progress of the offensive line, especially in their protections. Still it doesn't take a genius to see the Bears are still a work in progress.

    As Jay Cutler was asked, "Is there reason for concern?  Maybe.  Maybe not."