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Ozzie Goes Off the Rails, Again



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    White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen has been getting attention for his bombastic speech once again.

    Sometimes it’s hard to understand Ozzie Guillen’s broken English, other times he's crystal clear.

    When Guillen scolded the media and White Sox fans over what he called a lack of appreciation for their hard work, Sunday, there was no question about what he was saying.

    "Are [the critics] going to feel sorry because we're going to get fired? [Heck] no," Guillen said before Sunday's game. "They only remember us from [the World Series title in] 2005. In 2020, we'll come here in a wheelchair all [messed] up. As soon as you leave the ballpark, they don't care about you anymore. They don't. The monuments, the statue they got, they pee on it when they're drunk. That's all they do. Thank you for coming, bye-bye."

    After a local newspaper published his tirade, Guillen fired back on his Twitter account calling the press “classless.”

    “The (sic) should print and said everything I said thas (sic) low blow and imrresponsable (sic) no clas,” he tweeted

    He continued tweeting, saying that he would ever critize White Sox fans. Unfortunately for Guillen, some of his ranting was caught on videotape.

    Guillen contends that “he has passion” and that he is “not a crazy person.”

    The White Sox did not respond to his tirade, leading to speculation that the firebrand manager is losing support in the organization.

    The White Sox have won their last two games against Boston and are looking to sweep the series in today’s game. With the help of the White Sox aggressive offense they earned a combined 17 runs in game one and two. Ozzie couldn’t have looked happier. During game two there were camera shots of the dugout where a calm, cool and collected Ozzie was sitting, equipped with a dainty pair of reading glasses.

    But, what happens if the White Sox at bats aren’t up to par?

    If the Ozzie we saw last week is unleashed again due to a White Sox loss, those reading glasses will go flying out onto the field in Fenway Park.

    And maybe we’ll get to see some more entertaining comments.

    The  Chicago White Sox are 26-31 and are ranked third in the American League Central.

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