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5 Reasons to Believe in Cutler and Olsen

Greg Olsen and Jay Cutler put on a show in Bourbonnais.



    Bears Tight Ends: A Focal Point in Bears' Offense

    From the day Mike Martz was hired, most predicted the end of the Tight End in the Bears' offense. Not so fast, Greg Olsen and company are making a statement in training camp. (Published Monday, Aug. 9, 2010)

    A lot went wrong with the Bears' passing game last season, but the connection between Jay Cutler and his tight ends, particularly Greg Olsen, was a bright spot in a dismal season.

    Olsen scored eight touchdowns last season -- more than Matt Forte, Devin Hester or Johnny Knox. But with Mike Martz's new offensive scheme, many questioned whether the tight ends would be pushed to the side?

    Judging by the last few sessions of training camp, Olsen and company have nothing to be worried about. 

    Cutler and Olsen put on a show Sunday night in Bourbonnais. As the Bears practiced their red zone offense during 7-on-7 drills, Olsen caught five touchdown passes. One of the more impressive catches had Olsen splitting off from double coverage and bringing in a deep pass.

    The scene was similar on Friday, when Olsen hauled in a long ball despite heavy pressure from linebacker Lance Briggs.

    Olsen says that he never was worried about being marginalized in this new offense.

    “We’ve addressed this a ridiculous amount,” said Olsen. “It is what it is. The past has nothing to do with the guys that we have here. Coach Martz has said all along that the guys who show that they can help the team and make plays and do the thing they’re asked to do, are going to play.”

    It wasn't all sunshine and lollipops for Cutler and his receiving corps, as he did give up two interceptions this weekend. But heading into the Bears' first pre-season game on Saturday in San Diego, the Bears are giving fans good reason to be optimistic.