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Obama to the 'Hawks Game? Signs Point to Maybe Yes.



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    With only hours to go before the puck touches the ice, the Chicago Blackhawks players were given some odd news: they wouldn't be allowed to park in the garage under the United Center.

    The 'Hawks always park in the underground garage. On any other day, the change would simply be an inconvenience. But tonight just happens to be game one of the Stanley Cup -- not to mention President Obama is in town, and there's been much speculation he'll attend the game.

    Both Mayor Daley's office and a White House spokesman have downplayed the idea.

    "I'm told security would be such a nightmare they've decided to ditch the idea," said Jackie Heard, Mayor Daley's spokesperson. "Obviously things could change. But I doubt it."

    A White House spokesperson told pool reporters earlier Saturday that while the President would be rooting for the Blackhawks, he has no plans to attend the game.

    And yet, the closure of the underground garage makes one wonder -- if Obama did attend the game, he'd certainly be ushered through that garage under the cover of hustling Secret Service bodies, right?

    You need only read between the lines to see that Obama's attendance remains a distinct possibility. Nobody ruled out anything.

    Beyond the obvious good will Obama would engender among Chicagoans and hockey fans alike, he also has a sports-lover's reason: if the 'Hawks win, the Cubs will be the only major Chicago team without a recent league championship.

    As a Sox fan, Obama would love that.